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Import Direct Finance
Import Direct Finance assists farmers to import plant and equipment directly from an overseas supplier.

The funds can be advanced in Australian or foreign currency to allow importers to finance their commitment on a transactional basis.

Bank guarantees and letters of credit are available to help facilitate the international transaction. Once the transaction is completed, the funds owed can be restructured into a standard finance facility.

This is a complex area of finance with close working relationships required between the customer, financier, broker and supplier.

There may be particular taxation obligations associated with this method of financing. Appropriate financial advice through your accountant or financial advisor is strongly recommended to determine whether import direct finance options are suitable for your circumstances.*

* Applications for credit are subject to the financier’s normal credit assessment criteria. Fees or charges may apply. Full details of all product terms and conditions are available upon request. Any taxation information provided is only general in nature and does not constitute tax advice, nor is it necessarily applicable to your particular circumstances. Farm Machinery Finance strongly recommends that you consult with your accountant, financial advisor and lawyer to determine the most suitable lending option for your particular circumstances and whether any particular taxation laws, obligations or benefits may apply to you.